All Microwind VLSI Layouts

Hello There!!
As promised, we are here with list of almost all the layouts prescribed for us.
Please read the “Read Me” file for disclaimer. Should you find any layout wrong, please report to us by commenting to this post.
Here is the link to download:  (87KB).
All the very best for the upcoming exams.
If you found them useful, follow the blog.
Trouble Downloading?
It is brought to the notice that the download links are not working. We request you to wait till we retrieve. Thank you.

Author: taha

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  1. we are not able to download this file…. can you do the necessary changes soon as possible as this week we have our internals..

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  2. Hello Anonymous,
    Please try to download during day time.
    Please follow the following steps:
    Click on the link.
    Click on Free User
    Click on Download.
    If download doesn’t appear, please try again later.
    If you need it very urgently, please write to me at:
    facebook or twitter
    Thank you for your patience.
    Groolo Team

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  3. Hey Vijaylaxmi,
    After downloading, you need to unzip it using .rar opener. If you dont have one, please download it here:
    install it.
    If you already have that, then right click on the downloaded file and click unzip here or extract here.
    This will create a separate folder.
    Now you open the microwind, browse the the required layout and then click on it. It should open.
    If you still have trouble, please let me know. I will send you an alternative.
    The Groolo Team

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  4. rapidshare is blocked by bloody cyberoam!
    Help me Groolo Team!!

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  5. Hello Anonymous!
    Thank you for visiting Groolo.
    Please mail your address to us so that we forward you the layouts.
    Best Regards,
    The Groolo Team

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  6. sir could you please try and upload jk flipflop.. it’s very urgent.

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  7. can u mail me the layouts. not able to download it!!

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  8. Hey,
    I need the layout of “Aditionneur complet” or the full adder plzz it’s very urgent

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